eScience Research Network Saxony: Int. Conf. Infrastructures and Cooperation in E-Science and E-Humanities

Call for Papers: Int. Conf. Infrastructures and Cooperation in E-Science and E-Humanities

The International Conference on Infrastructures and Cooperation in E-Science and E-Humanities will be held from June 4-6 2014  in Leipzig. We invite you to participate and submit your paper addressing current questions and solutions in relation to one of the following thematic fields or other relevant topics:

– Invention, design and implementation of information and communication technologies to enable, enhance or empower academic activities (field 1)
– Analysis of academic processes, business models, and needs (field 2)
– Social and cultural influences and outcomes related to the use of technology in academic activities (field 3)

Submissions of full papers with originial work in english language are welcome. All papers will be peer-reviewed, a selection of the best conference papers will be published by Springer. All other papers will be published as open access electronic conference proceedings.

A special track of the conference will experiment with the innovative format of a „flipped conference“. Here, presentation videos will be shared prior to the conference via an online platform, and the meeting in Leipzig will be used in innovative and productive ways – depending on the ideas of the presenters.

All information about the submission process, conference registration, the venue and the conference program as well as the „flipped conference“ track can be found at the conference website:

The conference is organized by the eScience Research Network Saxony. Information about the research network can be found at

We look forward to seeing you in Leipzig!

Yours sincerely,

The organizing team of the eScience Research Network Saxony

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